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Debian LTS: DLA-2086-1: wget security update>

An issue has been found in wget, a tool to retrieve files from the web. A race condition might occur as files rejected by an access list are kept on the disk for the duration of a HTTP connection. Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-2086-1:...


Debian LTS: DLA-2085-1: zlib security update>

Several issues have been found in zlib, a compression library. They are basically about improper big-endian CRC calculation, improper left shift of negative integers and improper pointer arithmetic. Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-2085-1: zlib security update>


Unpleasant vulnerability in OpenSMTPD

Qualys has put out an advisory regarding a vulnerability in OpenBSD’s OpenSMTPD mail server. It “allows an attacker to execute arbitrary shell commands, as root: either locally, in OpenSMTPD’s default configuration (which listens on the loopb… Continue Reading — Unpleasant vulnerability in OpenSMTPD


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