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Announcing AWS Ground Station Cross Region Data Delivery

AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service that lets you control satellite communications, process satellite data, and scale your satellite operations. Ground Station is pleased to announce the availability of Cross Region Data Delivery, enabling cu… Continue Reading — Announcing AWS Ground Station Cross...


Introducing the Desktop Client for AWS Client VPN

We are excited to announce AWS Client VPN for desktop, an application which runs on Mac and Windows devices and provides access to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and on premise networks through AWS Client VPN endpoints.  Continue Reading — Introducing the Desktop Client for...


Amazon QuickSight launches enhancements to narrative editor and anomaly detection

Amazon QuickSight launches a full screen narrative editor that supports easy creation and editing of auto-narratives on QuickSight. With auto-narratives, you can add natural language summaries derived from your data. You can embed these widgets through… Continue Reading — Amazon QuickSight launches enhancements to narrative...


[$] Browsers, web sites, and user tracking

Browser tracking across different sites is certainly a major privacy concern and one that is more acute when the boundaries between sites and browsers blur—or disappear altogether. That seems to be the underlying tension in a “discussion” of an only tangentially related proposal being made by...


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