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Amazon EC2 vCPU-based On-Demand Instance Limits are Now Available in GovCloud (US) Regions

Amazon EC2 is transitioning On-Demand Instance limits from the current instance count-based limits to new vCPU-based limits to simplify the limit management experience for AWS customers. Usage toward the vCPU-based limit is measured in terms of number … Continue Reading — Amazon EC2 vCPU-based On-Demand...


Introducing content filtering for Amazon EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge now provides additional content filtering options for builders designing event-driven architectures. With event pattern content filtering, you can write complex rules that only trigger under conditions you specify. This helps reduce … Continue Reading — Introducing content filtering for Amazon EventBridge


OpenShot Video Editor Just Got a Massive Update

OpenShot video editor has a new version available to download. We look at the new OpenShot 2.5 features and changes, of which it features a tonne. This post, OpenShot Video Editor Just Got a Massive Update, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeare… Continue...


SUSE Hack Week Spotlight: Lubos Kocman

SUSE Hack Week is a week-long sprint permitting developers time off from their day jobs to work on something entirely of their own design or wishes. This week we will be showcasing some of the amazing projects coming out of SUSE Hack Week and the brilliant minds...


Aleksandersen: Limit the impact of a security intrusion with systemd security directives

Daniel Aleksandersen shows how to sandbox a daemon process using a set of systemd features. “These directives combined would have stopped the specific remote code execution vulnerability that afflicted OpenSMTPD. However, the key takeaway is that you should strive to sandbox long-running and internet-exposed services. There’s...


[$] The rest of the 5.6 merge window

Linus Torvalds released the 5.6-rc1 prepatch and closed the merge window on February 9; at that point, 10,780 non-merge changesets had been pulled into the mainline repository for 5.6. That is substantially less than recent development cy… Continue Reading — [$] The rest of the 5.6...


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