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Amazon Neptune now enforces SSL connections

Amazon Neptune now enforces SSL connections to your database. You have the option to disable SSL in regions, such as US East (N. Virginia) or Europe (London), where both SSL and non-SSL connections are supported. Continue Reading — Amazon Neptune now enforces SSL connections


[$] Debian discusses how to handle 2038

At this point, most of the kernel work to avoid the year-2038 apocalypse has been completed. Said apocalypse could occur when time counted in seconds since 1970 overflows a 32-bit signed value (i.e. time_t). Work in the GNU C Library (glibc) a… Continue Reading —...


The Linux Foundation and Harvard’s Lab for Innovation Science release census for open-source software security

The Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative and Harvard University’s Lab for Innovation Science have teamed up on a census of the most critical open-source components in today’s production applications. The report [PDF], titled “Vulnerabilities in the core”, identified more than 200 projects and details 20 of...


New Quick Start deploys the Compliance IRAP PROTECTED Reference Architecture on the AWS Cloud

This Quick Start automatically deploys the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) PROTECTED Reference Architecture on the AWS Cloud in about an hour. It is for users who want to create cloud-based workloads that use AWS controls … Continue Reading — New Quick Start deploys the...


Get Certified During SUSECON 2020

Working in IT is not for the feint of heart; the work is demanding, and change is constant. Right now, your organization is undoubtedly seeking new ways to extend the value of their investment in IT and get more done faster. You can help and advance...


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