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[$] Attestation for kernel patches

The kernel development process is based on trust at many levels — trust in developers, but also in the infrastructure that supports the community. In some cases, that trust may not be entirely deserved; most of us have long since learned not to trust much of...


Announcing Time Expression for Amazon Comprehend Medical

Tracking patients health status is imperative for a healthcare provider. Being able to place this information on a longitudinal timeline is also vital for other healthcare aspects such as research, medical coding and claims adjudication , population he… Continue Reading — Announcing Time Expression for...


Amazon Athena adds support for querying data in S3 buckets using AWS Identity and Access Management’s aws:CalledVia condition key

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) has added support for aws:CalledVia, a new condition key, for use with all services that make requests using your credentials. With this release, Amazon Athena has added support for the CalledVia key.  Continue Reading — Amazon Athena adds support...


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