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[$] Some unlikely 2021 predictions

Just because something is traditional does not imply that it is necessarily a good idea. As a case in point, consider LWN’s tradition of starting the year with some predictions for what is to come; some may be obvious while others are implausib… Continue Reading...


Amazon CloudSearch announces updates to its search instances

Amazon CloudSearch has updated the existing search instances with new instances that provide better availability and performance at the same pricing. The new instances are one to one replacements, but leverage newer generation EC2 instances underneath,… Continue Reading — Amazon CloudSearch announces updates to its...


FreeRTOS includes pre-configured projects for software emulations of microcontroller cores using QEMU open source emulator

FreeRTOS now includes pre-configured projects that emulate real microcontroller (MCU) cores in software using the QEMU open source emulator. Running FreeRTOS in an emulator makes it easier to test applications using the actual binary code that will run… Continue Reading — FreeRTOS includes pre-configured projects...


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