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Malcolm: Static analysis in GCC 10

David Malcolm writes about the static-analysis features that he is working on adding to the GCC compiler. “This issue is, of course, a huge problem to tackle. For this release, I’ve focused on the kinds of problems seen in C code—and, in particular double-free bugs—but with...


Amazon FSx for Windows File Server launches the lowest cost file storage in the cloud for Windows workloads at 1.3 cents per GB-month

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server announces a hard disk drive (HDD) storage option that provides highly available and durable file storage at a price of 1.3 cents per GB-month (in the US-East, N. Virginia Region). For customers who require file systems that span multiple Availability...


Debian: DSA-4647-1: bluez security update>

It was reported that the BlueZ’s HID and HOGP profile implementations don’t specifically require bonding between the device and the host. Malicious devices can take advantage of this flaw to connect to a target host and impersonate an existing HID devi… Continue Reading — Debian:...


[$] Avoiding retpolines with static calls

January 2018 was a sad time in the kernel community. The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities had finally been disclosed, and the required workarounds hurt kernel performance in a number of ways. One of those workarounds — retpolines — continues to cause pain, with developers going out...


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