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Containers building with the Open Build Service

If you are interested in containers building, maintenance and publishing then this video tutorial might be for you. It depicts the journey of a developer using the Open Build Service [1] to create and publish a container based solution using KIWI [2]. I hope you can...


Fedora 31: webkit2gtk3 FEDORA-2020-f25793aac4>

Update to WebKitGTK 2.28.0. * Add API to enable Process Swap on (Cross-site) Navigation. * Add user messages API for the communication with the web extension. * Add support for same-site cookies. * Service workers are enabled by default. * Add support … Continue Reading...


LLVM 10.0.0 released

Version 10.0.0 of the LLVM compiler suite is out. New features include support for C++ concepts, Windows control flow guard support, and much more; click below for pointers to a set of language-specific release notes. Continue Reading — LLVM 10.0.0 released


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