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Mageia 2020-0148: php security update>

Critical bugs closed: – Use-of-uninitialized-value in exif [1] – mb_strtolower (UTF-32LE): stack-buffer-overflow at php_unicode_tolower_full [2] – get_headers() silently truncates after a null byte [3] Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0148: php security update>


Mageia 2020-0147: nghttp2 security update>

Malformed request header may cause route matchers or access controls to be bypassed, resulting in escalation of privileges or information disclosure (CVE-2019-18802). References: Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0147: nghttp2 security update>


Mageia 2020-0146: sympa security update>

Updated sympa packages fix security vulnerability: Sympa 6.2.38 through 6.2.52 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (disk consumption from temporary files, and a flood of notifications to listmasters) via a series of requests with malfo… Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0146: sympa security...



The Free Software Foundation is focusing on the shortage of medical equipment and using 3D printers to make more. “That’s why we’re looking into what we can make with our in-office Respects Your Freedom (RYF)-certified 3D printers, and we’re tal… Continue Reading — FSF: HACKERS...


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