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Update on openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference

Organizers of the openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference had a meeting this week to discuss various topics surrounding COVID19 and how it may affect the conference and planning for it. At this point, it is uncertain what restrictions governments may keep in place in the coming months....


Sellers, consulting partners, and data providers from Australia and New Zealand now available in AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange

AWS Marketplace now enables customers to discover and subscribe to software from Australia and New Zealand ISVs and Consulting Partners, adding to the 7,000+ software listings and data products from 1,500+ sellers. Starting today, AWS Marketplace custo… Continue Reading — Sellers, consulting partners, and data...


Amazon CodeGuru Profiler flame graphs are now easier to use

We are excited to announce that Amazon CodeGuru Profiler has introduced an improved flame graph interface that enhances overall usability. You can now navigate more easily with improved scrolling functionality. There is also a new visual tool that show… Continue Reading — Amazon CodeGuru Profiler...


Amazon MSK adds support for Apache Kafka version 2.4.1

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) now supports Apache Kafka version 2.4.1 for new clusters. Apache Kafka 2.4.1 includes several bug fixes and new features that reduce latency and improve performance. Support for Apache Kafka versio… Continue Reading — Amazon MSK adds support...


Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights is now generally available

Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights is now generally available. Contributor Insights analyzes time-series data to help you understand who or what is impacting your system and application performance by pinpointing outliers, finding the heaviest traf… Continue Reading — Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights is now generally available


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