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Mageia 2020-0158: kernel-linus security update>

This update is based on upstream 5.5.15 and fixes atleast the following security vulnerabilities: In the Linux kernel 5.4.0-rc2, there is a use-after-free (read) in the __blk_add_trace function in kernel/trace/blktrace.c (which is used to Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0158: kernel-linus security update>


Mageia 2020-0157: dcraw security update>

The updated packages fix security vulnerabilities: There is a floating point exception in the kodak_radc_load_raw function in dcraw_common.cpp in LibRaw 0.18.2. It will lead to a remote denial of service attack. (CVE-2017-13735) Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0157: dcraw security update>


Debugging boot issues in the Public Cloud

Let’s face it, sometimes everything just seems to go wrong and that darn instance just will not boot. Now what? Well the first step is to look at the serial log. In AWS EC2 this is accomplished from the UI by selecting the “Actions” drop down...


AIX for System Administrators 2020-04-03 17:08:00

PowerVC Upgrade/InstallBasically these are the same, the same install script is used for both.0. Backup  – vmware snapshot1. Red Hat update if needed (for PowerVC 1.4.4 minimum RHEL 7.7. is needed):   # cat /etc/redhat-release  Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo)  # sudo yum check-update ...


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