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Fedora 31: git FEDORA-2020-cdef88bb89Fedora 31: git FEDORA-2020-cdef88bb89>

Security fix for CVE-2020-5260 From the upstream [release notes](https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/RelNotes/2.17.4.txt): > With a crafted URL that contains a newline in it, the credential > helper machinery can be fooled to give credential information for > a wrong host. The attack has been made impossible by forbidding >...


[$] Debian discusses Discourse

Much of the free software we run every day was developed over email, and the developers of that software, who may have been using email for decades, tend to be somewhat attached to it. The newer generation of developers that came later, though,… Continue Reading...


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