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openSUSE Community Publishes End of Year Survey Results

The openSUSE community has published the End of the Year Community Survey results. The results provided some significant information about the project’s tools, its distributions, the demographics of the users as well as how the community is contributing to the project. The highest percentage of users...


AWS Step Functions adds support for AWS Glue DataBrew jobs to prepare data in analytics and machine learning workflows

You can now include AWS Glue DataBrew data preparation jobs in your workflows created using AWS Step Functions. This saves you time and allows you to orchestrate cleaning and data normalization steps into your analytics and machine learning workflows.&… Continue Reading — AWS Step Functions...


[$] Bootstrappable builds

The idea of Reproducible Builds—being able to recreate bit-for-bit identical binaries using the same source code—has gained momentum over the last few years. Reproducible builds provide some safeguards against bad actors in the software supply chain. But building software depends on the tools used to construct...


[$] Some unlikely 2021 predictions

Just because something is traditional does not imply that it is necessarily a good idea. As a case in point, consider LWN’s tradition of starting the year with some predictions for what is to come; some may be obvious while others are implausib… Continue Reading...


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