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Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for cluster deletion protection using AWS CloudFormation

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a fast, scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service that supports MongoDB workloads. Amazon DocumentDB makes it easy and intuitive to store, query, and index JSON data.   Continue Reading — Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds...


Managing Cookbooks at Scale

Sous-Chefs is a community organisation and we like to think of ourselves as a home for unloved great cookbooks. We are also a place where these cookbooks will always get maintained moving forward. While these cookbooks are great, when we typically take over management of the...


Python 2.7.18, the end of an era

Python 2.7.18 is out. This is the last release and end of support for Python 2. “Python 2.7 has been under active development since the release of Python 2.6, more than 11 years ago. Over all those years, CPython’s core developers and contr… Continue Reading —...


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