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Fedora 31: pxz FEDORA-2020-07fcbfddbd>

– Update to GIT 20200421 – Added patch against race condition in setting permissions on output file (#1182024) – Added patch to revert environment redirect allowing `export XZ_OPT=”-9″` or similar Continue Reading — Fedora 31: pxz FEDORA-2020-07fcbfddbd>


Fedora 31: php-horde-horde FEDORA-2020-1a968aeb47>

**horde 5.2.22** * [jan] SECURITY: Protect image processing service from rendering active SVG content within the browser. * [jan] SECURITY: Fix XSS vulnerabilities in administration interface. * [jan] Support Redis Sentinel configuration (Michael Menge… Continue Reading — Fedora 31: php-horde-horde FEDORA-2020-1a968aeb47>


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