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[$] Improving Python’s SimpleNamespace

Python’s SimpleNamespace class provides an easy way for a programmer to create an object to store values as attributes without creating their own (almost empty) class. While it is useful (and used) in its present form, Raymond Hettinger think… Continue Reading — [$] Improving Python’s...


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: What’s new in server?

One of the biggest improvements brought by Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS is enhanced security and stability. This comes through the constant security patching process and new features like the Ubuntu Server Live installer, iptables to nftables migration, and… Continue Reading — Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: What’s...


Required Actions for a Successful SAP S/4HANA Deployment

With every successful software or system deployment, whether it’s an upgrade or a brand new rollout, you must critically evaluate the process from start to finish. Any current customized code must be vetted to ensure it will work seamlessly with the new software and processes. You...


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