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Monthly News – April 2020

Work continues on Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” which is planned for June this year. Some of the features which were introduced in LMDE 4 were added to it, such as the live resolution bump in Virtualbox and the activation of APT recommends by default. Linux Mint...


[$] Authenticated Btrfs

Developers who are concerned about system integrity often put a fair amount of effort into ensuring that data stored on disk cannot be tampered with without being detected. Technologies like dm-verity and fs-verity are attempts to solve this pro… Continue Reading — [$] Authenticated Btrfs


Product Announcement: Reliable Application Delivery for Edge Environments with Chef Habitat 1.6

Chef Habitat provides automation capabilities for defining, packaging, and delivering applications to almost any environment with any operating system, on any platform. Distributed and low-bandwidth edge sites like retail locations, manufacturing plants, and restaurant chains present unique challenges to DevOps teams trying to automate and optimize...


Scaling years of growth in one week

Over the past year the Roblox Traffic Engineering team has been planning a migration to open source load balancing. he goal is to provide an infinitely scalable, globally available, high performance load balancing solution.The rollout of this solution … Continue Reading — Scaling years of...


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