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Fedora 31: seamonkey FEDORA-2020-678a5157f7>

Update to 2.53.2 If you have Lightning and/or Chatzilla extensions previously disabled, they are enabled after the update. Disable it again if needed (in about:addons), or remove completely (which can improve startup time). Continue Reading — Fedora 31: seamonkey FEDORA-2020-678a5157f7>


Fedora 31: ceph FEDORA-2020-81b9c6cddc>

ceph-14.2.9 GA Security fix for CVE-2020-1760 ceph: header-splitting in RGW GetObject has a possible XSS Security fix for CVE-2020-1759 ceph: secure mode of msgr2 breaks both confidentiality and integrity aspects for long-lived sessions Continue Reading — Fedora 31: ceph FEDORA-2020-81b9c6cddc>


Microsoft’s New Surface Book Ad Mentions …Linux?!

A new product video for the Microsoft Surface Book 3 make the ability to ‘run Linux on Windows’ a core selling point, cementing Microsoft’s love for its former rival. This post, Microsoft’s New Surface Book Ad Mentions …Linux?! is from OMG! Ubuntu!. Do not reproduce elsewhere...


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