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Has Hybrid Cloud Finally Come of Age?

Hybrid cloud continues to be a hot topic within the IT industry. That’s pretty amazing, because it seems like we’ve been talking about the concept for an eternity. Every cloud-related study or survey shows that it remains top of mind for enterprise business leaders and IT...


Upgrading Chef Infra: Why Upgrade

Welcome back to Upgrading Chef Infra! Last week we kicked things off with a brief introduction and a review of some key concepts. Today we’ll see how Chef Infra has evolved in recent years, and take a look at improvements that have been implemented throughout major...


[$] The weighted TEO cpuidle governor

Life gets complicated for the kernel when there is nothing for the system to do. The obvious response is to put the CPU into an idle state to save power, but which one? CPUs offer a wide range of sleep states with different power-usage and lat… ...


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