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Introducing the Game Analytics Pipeline

The Game Analytics Pipeline is an AWS Solutions Implementation that helps game developers launch a scalable serverless data pipeline to ingest, store, and analyze telemetry data generated from their games and services. Player usage patterns can vary widely and a game’s success in the marketplace can...


NXP’s EdgeLock™ SE050 Secure Element now qualified for use with AWS IoT Core Multi-Account Registration and AWS IoT Greengrass

Semiconductor manufacturers like NXP can now use AWS IoT Core Multi-Account Registration to pre-configure silicon components like secure elements with X.509 certificates and private keys, ensuring devices built using these components are pre-qualified … Continue Reading — NXP’s EdgeLock™ SE050 Secure Element now qualified for...


[$] Evaluating vendor changes to the scheduler

The kernel’s CPU scheduler does its best to make the right decisions for just about any workload; over the years, it has been extended to better handle mobile-device scheduling as well. But handset vendors still end up applying their own patche… Continue Reading — [$]...


New Challenges Require New Thinking

As has been said before, these are trying times we live in. We are being challenged as individuals, families and companies. And if you have been keeping an eye on this space, you’ve noticed that SUSE – as a company and as individual employees wherever we...


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