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Fedora 32: oddjob FEDORA-2020-238bbf85d8>

This update includes a security fix for CVE-2020-10737. Additionally, From 0.34.6: – update license on src/buffer.h – changes “/var/run” to “/run” in systemd service file (Orion Poplawski, #1834511) From 0.34.5: – apply patch from Matthias Gerstner of … Continue Reading — Fedora 32: oddjob FEDORA-2020-238bbf85d8>


Fedora 32: glpi FEDORA-2020-ee30e1109f>

Last Upstream release, including (among others): – (security) Prevent execution of SQL injection while assigning a technician, – (security) Permit to change key used to store passwords, – (security) Improve CSRF token, – (security) Fix several possible… Continue Reading — Fedora 32: glpi FEDORA-2020-ee30e1109f>


AWS Secrets Manager is now FedRAMP compliant

You can now use AWS Secrets Manager to manage secrets for applications that are subject to Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate and High baselines, in both Commercial and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. This is in addition to… Continue Reading — AWS Secrets...


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