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Concurrency II: Concurrently Readable Structures

This article has been contributed by William Brown, Senior Software Developer at SUSE. Disclaimer: Blog articles are not part of the official SUSE documentation. They are contributed voluntarily by SUSE’s employees and by third parties. All information found in these article has been compiled with utmost attention...


Debian: DSA-4685-1: apt security update>

Shuaibing Lu discovered that missing input validation in the ar/tar implementations of APT, the high level package manager, could result in denial of service when processing specially crafted deb files. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4685-1: apt security update>


Fedora 32: oddjob FEDORA-2020-238bbf85d8>

This update includes a security fix for CVE-2020-10737. Additionally, From 0.34.6: – update license on src/buffer.h – changes “/var/run” to “/run” in systemd service file (Orion Poplawski, #1834511) From 0.34.5: – apply patch from Matthias Gerstner of … Continue Reading — Fedora 32: oddjob FEDORA-2020-238bbf85d8>


Fedora 32: glpi FEDORA-2020-ee30e1109f>

Last Upstream release, including (among others): – (security) Prevent execution of SQL injection while assigning a technician, – (security) Permit to change key used to store passwords, – (security) Improve CSRF token, – (security) Fix several possible… Continue Reading — Fedora 32: glpi FEDORA-2020-ee30e1109f>


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