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NXNSAttack: upgrade resolvers to stop new kind of random subdomain attack

CZ.NIC staff member Petr Špaček has a blog post describing a newly disclosed DNS resolver vulnerability called NXNSAttack. It allows attackers to abuse the delegation mechanism to create a denial-of-service condition via packet amplification. “This is so-called glueless delegation, i.e. a delegation which contains only names...


Introducing the Game Analytics Pipeline

The Game Analytics Pipeline is an AWS Solutions Implementation that helps game developers launch a scalable serverless data pipeline to ingest, store, and analyze telemetry data generated from their games and services. Player usage patterns can vary widely and a game’s success in the marketplace can...


NXP’s EdgeLock™ SE050 Secure Element now qualified for use with AWS IoT Core Multi-Account Registration and AWS IoT Greengrass

Semiconductor manufacturers like NXP can now use AWS IoT Core Multi-Account Registration to pre-configure silicon components like secure elements with X.509 certificates and private keys, ensuring devices built using these components are pre-qualified … Continue Reading — NXP’s EdgeLock™ SE050 Secure Element now qualified for...


[$] Evaluating vendor changes to the scheduler

The kernel’s CPU scheduler does its best to make the right decisions for just about any workload; over the years, it has been extended to better handle mobile-device scheduling as well. But handset vendors still end up applying their own patche… Continue Reading — [$]...


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