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Fedora 31: oddjob FEDORA-2020-b1fa09aa64>

This update includes a security fix for CVE-2020-10737. Additionally, From 0.34.6: – update license on src/buffer.h – changes “/var/run” to “/run” in systemd service file (Orion Poplawski, #1834511) From 0.34.5: – apply patch from Matthias Gerstner of … Continue Reading — Fedora 31: oddjob FEDORA-2020-b1fa09aa64>


[$] The PEPs of Python 3.9

With the release of Python¬†3.9.0b1, the first of four planned betas for the development cycle, Python¬†3.9 is now feature-complete. There is still plenty to do in terms of testing and stabilization before the October final release. Th… Continue Reading — [$] The PEPs of Python...


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