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Kubernetes on Windows with WSL 2

Learn to unleash the power of Kubernetes on Windows easier and faster than before. Join us for a demonstration from Microsoft MVP and Docker Captain, Nuno De Campo as he guides us through how to configure a full Kubernetes on-rails on your Windows machine. This is...


[$] The deadline scheduler and CPU idle states

As Rafael Wysocki conceded at the beginning of a session at the 2020 Power Management and Scheduling in the Linux Kernel summit (OSPM), the combination of the deadline scheduling class with CPU idle states might seem a little strange. Deadline … Continue Reading — [$]...


Open Source Artificial Intelligence: Leading Projects>

Learn about leading open-source AI projects that are producing the artificial intelligence advances of the future. The focus includes machine learning, deep learning, neural network and other applications that are pushing the boundaries of ML and AI. Continue Reading — Open Source Artificial Intelligence: Leading...


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