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Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility for PostgreSQL 11 is available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

Following the April 24, 2020 announcement of the availability of PostgreSQL 11 support with Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility in all commercial AWS Regions, we have expanded availability to AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. PostgreSQL 11 includes ma… Continue Reading — Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility...


[$] A crop of new capabilities

Linux capabilities empower the holder to perform a set of specific privileged operations while withholding the full power of root access; see the capabilities man page for a list of current capabilities and what they control. There have been no… Continue Reading — [$] A...


CloudWatch Application Insights now supports MySQL, Amazon DynamoDB, custom logs, and more

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights launched several new features to enhance observability for customers’ applications. Starting today, CloudWatch Application Insights expands monitoring support for two databases, in addition to Microsoft SQL Server – MySQL and Amazon DynamoDB. This enables customers to easily configure monitors for these databases...


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