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[$] Free user space for non-graphics drivers

In the kernel graphics world, there has been a longstanding “line in the sand” that disallows merging kernel drivers without a corresponding free-software user-space driver. The idea is that not having a way to test the full functionality means that the kernel developers cannot verify the...


AWS DeepComposer announces autoregressive CNN algorithm for generating compositions and an associated learning capsule to understand the machine learning concepts

AWS DeepComposer gives developers a creative way to learn machine learning. Get hands-on, literally, with a musical keyboard and the latest machine learning techniques to expand your ML skills. AWS DeepComposer includes tutorials, sample code, and training data that can be used to build generative AI...


AWS Config Supports 9 New Managed Rules

AWS Config now supports nine new managed rules, which are predefined rules that can help you evaluate whether your AWS resource configurations comply with common best practices.  Continue Reading — AWS Config Supports 9 New Managed Rules


AIX for System Administrators 2020-06-03 14:00:00

fcstatThe fcstat command reports statistics directly from the FC adapter firmware and the FC driver. Protocols such as TCP/IP are designed to tolerate packet loss and out-of-order packets with minimal disruption, but the FC protocol is in-tolerant of missing, damaged or out-of-order frames and is incapable...


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