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Stenberg: Food on the table while giving away code

Daniel Stenberg writes about getting paid to work on curl — 21 years after starting the project. “I ran curl as a spare time project for decades. Over the years it became more and more common that users who submitted bug reports or asked for help about...


Introducing update to Multi-Region Application Architecture

The AWS Solutions team recently updated Multi-Region Application Architecture, a reference architecture that models a serverless active/passive workload with asynchronous replication of application data and failover from a primary to a secondary AWS Re… Continue Reading — Introducing update to Multi-Region Application Architecture


[$] Fast commits for ext4

The Linux 5.10 release included a change that is expected to significantly increase the performance of the ext4 filesystem; it goes by the name “fast commits” and introduces a new, lighter-weight journaling method. Let us look into how the featu… Continue Reading — [$] Fast...


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