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Amazon Route 53 Launches New API Action to list Private Hosted Zones associated with your Amazon VPCs

Beginning today, you can identify which Private Hosted Zones are associated with your VPCs by calling the new ListHostedZonesByVPC API action. This API action gives you better visibility into the associations between Private Hosted Zones and VPCs acros… Continue Reading — Amazon Route 53 Launches...


[$] Rethinking the futex API

The Linux futex() system call is a bit of a strange beast. It is widely used to provide low-level synchronization support in user space, but there is no wrapper for it in the GNU C Library. Its implementation was meant to be simple, but kernel… ...


AWS App Mesh introduces timeout configuration support

You can now configure timeouts on your AWS App Mesh virtual nodes and individual routes. Configuring timeouts will allow you to add resiliency to your system with no changes to your services. AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that provides application-lev… Continue Reading —...


Amazon WorkDocs refreshes the iOS app mobile UI to provide a new, simplified user experience

Starting today, users can experience a new, optimized user interface when they access Amazon WorkDocs from the WorkDocs iOS mobile application. This new user interface enhances accessibility, supports easier collaboration, and improves file and folder … Continue Reading — Amazon WorkDocs refreshes the iOS app...


CloudWatch Application Insights adds support for SQL Server High Availability configurations

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights now supports monitoring for Microsoft SQL Server High Availability (HA) workloads enabling customers to easily set up metrics, logs, and alarms for their SQL Server HA workloads, and monitor the health of these da… Continue Reading — CloudWatch Application Insights adds...


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