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[$] The endless browser wars

The term “browser wars” typically refers to Microsoft’s attempts to dominate the World Wide Web with its Internet Explorer browser in the 1990s. That effort was thwarted by antitrust efforts and the rise of the free browser now known as Firefox; ever since, the web has...


Kernel prepatch 5.11-rc5

The 5.11-rc5 kernel prepatch is out for testing. “Nothing particularly stands out. We had a couple of splice() regressions that came in during the previous release as part of the ‘get rid of set_fs()’ development, but they were for odd cases th… Continue Reading —...


Session One Meetup Generates Enhancements, Actions

The first session of the openSUSE Project’s meetup regarding the End of the Year Survey Results on Jan. 23 is already starting produce some actionable items from contributors. The session on openSUSE’s Jitsi instance had engagement from about 20 people from around the globe. Topics discussed...


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