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Announcing Cross-Cluster Search support for Amazon Elasticsearch Service for AWS GovCloud (US)

Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) now offers support for cross-cluster search in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, enabling you to perform searches, aggregations, and visualizations across multiple Amazon ES domains with a single query or from a single… Continue Reading — Announcing Cross-Cluster Search support for...


[$] Emulating Windows system calls in Linux

The idea of handling system calls differently depending on the origin of each call in the process’s address space is not entirely new. OpenBSD, for example, disallows system calls entirely if they are not made from the system’s C library as a s… Continue Reading...


A technical intro to Ubuntu Pro

It’s 2020, and it’s no longer just Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP — open source ecosystems like Java, NodeJS, Python and Go are everywhere in the enterprise, as are modern workloads like Kafka, Elasticsearch and Cassandra. In opting for open source, development teams in every organisation...


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