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Fedora 32: python36 2020-8bdd3fd7a4>

# Python 3.6.11 Python 3.6.11 is the latest security fix release of Python 3.6. – bpo-39073: Disallow CR or LF in email.headerregistry.Address arguments to guard against header injection attacks. – bpo-38576: Disallow control characters in hostnames in… Continue Reading — Fedora 32: python36 2020-8bdd3fd7a4>


Book: Perl 7: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

Dan Book has done a detailed analysis of the PerlĀ 7 transition. “Large amount of CPAN modules will not work in Perl 7; plans for working around this would either involve every affected CPAN author, which is a virtual impossibility for the … Continue Reading —...


[$] Netflix releases open-source crisis-management tool

Earlier this year, Netflix developed and released a new Apache-licensed project named Dispatch. It is designed to coordinate the response to and the resolution of security-related incidents, but the project aims for more than just that. Rather,… Continue Reading — [$] Netflix releases open-source crisis-management...


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