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What is Application Definition?

Application definition is the process of creating a codified operational runbook. It formalizes the process of describing in code everything an application needs to be built, run, and managed.By openly defining in code all of the requirements for building, running and maintaining an application at the...


[$] Creating open data interfaces with ODPi

Connecting one source of data to another isn’t always easy because of different standards, data formats, and APIs to contend with, among the many challenges. One of the groups that is trying to help with the challenge of data interoperability is… Continue Reading — [$]...


AWS Secrets Manager now enables you to attach resource-based policies to secrets from the AWS Secrets Manager console and uses Zelkova to validate these policies

The AWS Secrets Manager console now supports attaching resource-based policies to your secrets, enabling you to access secrets across AWS accounts securely and easily. The Secrets Manager console also uses Zelkova, an automated reasoning engine, to val… Continue Reading — AWS Secrets Manager now enables...


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