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[$] Microsoft drops support for PHP

For years, Windows PHP users have enjoyed builds provided directly by Microsoft. The company has contributed to the PHP project in many ways, with the binaries made available on windows.php.net being the most visible. Recently Microsoft Project … Continue Reading — [$] Microsoft drops support...


DevSecOps: A big hill to climb

The blog below is a guest blog post written by Logz.io, one of our ChefConf Online sponsors. For those of you on the Sec (security) side of DevSecOps, DevOps is a cultural and philosophical change to facilitate business alignment and to deliver higher quality software faster. ...


What is Application Definition?

Application definition is the process of creating a codified operational runbook. It formalizes the process of describing in code everything an application needs to be built, run, and managed.By openly defining in code all of the requirements for building, running and maintaining an application at the...


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