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[$] New features in gnuplot 5.4

Gnuplot 5.4 has been released, three years after the last major release of the free-software graphing program. In this article we will take a look at five major new capabilities in gnuplot. First, we briefly visit voxel plotting, for visualiz… Continue Reading — [$] New...


Amazon AppFlow now supports private data transfers between AWS and Salesforce

Amazon AppFlow, a fully managed integration service that enables customers securely transfer data between AWS services and cloud applications, now supports private data transfers between AWS and Salesforce leveraging AWS PrivateLink. Customers can use AppFlow’s private data transfer option to ensure that data does not get...


Understanding Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

Auto-scaling is a way to automatically increase or decrease the number of computing resources that are being assigned to your application based on resource requirement at any given time. It emerged from cloud computing technology, which revolutionized the way computer resources are allocated, enabling the creation...


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