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Amazon VPC Resources Now Support Tag on Create

You can now add tags to your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) resources while creating the resource. These resources are VPCs, Subnets, Network Interfaces, Security Groups, Network ACLs, Route Tables, Internet Gateways, Egress-only Internet Gateways,… Continue Reading — Amazon VPC Resources Now Support Tag on...


Scale-Out Computing on AWS with REST API, finer-grained job management capabilities, and enhanced web interface

Scale-Out Computing on AWS is an AWS Solutions Implementation that provides customers with a production-ready reference implementation for deploying an AWS environment to start and manage scale-out workloads. This implementation features a large select… Continue Reading — Scale-Out Computing on AWS with REST API, finer-grained...


Amazon QuickSight adds embedded authoring, namespaces for multi-tenancy, and more

Amazon QuickSight now allows customers to embed dashboard authoring capability within third party applications and portals. Customers (e.g., Independent Software Vendors or ISVs, enterprises) can now provide self-service data exploration, ad-hoc data a… Continue Reading — Amazon QuickSight adds embedded authoring, namespaces for multi-tenancy, and...


Amazon EFS CSI Driver is now generally available

The Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) CSI driver is now generally available. The EFS CSI driver makes it simple to configure elastic file storage for both EKS and self-managed Kubernetes clusters running on AWS using standard Kubernetes interfaces. Appl… Continue Reading — Amazon EFS CSI...


The Relevance Lab Chef Factory Advantage

The guest blog post below is written by Relevance Labs, one of our ChefConf Online Sponsors. Today, with Chef making their entire product stack open source, they will now have their own distribution that will be sold under a subscription arrangement. If you are a Chef...


Bison 3.7 released

Version 3.7 of the Bison parser generator is out. The biggest new feature would appear to be the generation of “counterexamples” for conflicts — examples of strings that could be parsed in multiple ways. There is also better support for reproducible builds, documentation links in warnings,...


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