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Fedora 31: chromium 2020-84d87cbd50>

Just enough time for one more update. Chromium 84. Fixes CVE-2020-6510 CVE-2020-6511 CVE-2020-6512 CVE-2020-6513 CVE-2020-6514 CVE-2020-6515 CVE-2020-6516 CVE-2020-6517 CVE-2020-6518 CVE-2020-6519 CVE-2020-6520 CVE-2020-6521 CVE-2020-6522 CVE-2020-6523… Continue Reading — Fedora 31: chromium 2020-84d87cbd50>


Fedora 31: glibc 2020-4e92a61688>

This update incorporates fixes from the upstream glibc 2.30 stable release branch, including a fix for a medium severity security vulnerability. (CVE-2020-6096) Continue Reading — Fedora 31: glibc 2020-4e92a61688>


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