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Fedora 31: chromium 2020-84d87cbd50>

Just enough time for one more update. Chromium 84. Fixes CVE-2020-6510 CVE-2020-6511 CVE-2020-6512 CVE-2020-6513 CVE-2020-6514 CVE-2020-6515 CVE-2020-6516 CVE-2020-6517 CVE-2020-6518 CVE-2020-6519 CVE-2020-6520 CVE-2020-6521 CVE-2020-6522 CVE-2020-6523… Continue Reading — Fedora 31: chromium 2020-84d87cbd50>


Fedora 31: glibc 2020-4e92a61688>

This update incorporates fixes from the upstream glibc 2.30 stable release branch, including a fix for a medium severity security vulnerability. (CVE-2020-6096) Continue Reading — Fedora 31: glibc 2020-4e92a61688>


Amazon Personalize enhances Recommendation Filters with filtering on item metadata

Amazon Personalize uses machine learning technology perfected from over 20 years of recommender systems development at Amazon.com. With Amazon Personalize you are can personalize recommendations for products, videos, music, ebooks, ads, marketing email… Continue Reading — Amazon Personalize enhances Recommendation Filters with filtering on item...


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