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Amazon ECS announces CloudFormation support for Amazon EFS volumes

Today, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) announced CloudFormation support for adding Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) volumes to ECS tasks. Customers can automate the creation and management of tasks using EFS volumes through infrastructure as cod… Continue Reading — Amazon ECS announces CloudFormation support for...


[$] Some statistics from the 5.8 kernel cycle

Linus Torvalds released the 5.8 kernel on August 2, concluding another nine-week development cycle. By the time the work was done, 16,306 non-merge changesets had been pulled into the mainline repository for this release. That happens to b… Continue Reading — [$] Some statistics from the...


Julia 1.5 has been released

Version 1.5 of the Julia programming language has been released. On the Julia blog, Jeff Bezanson and Stefan Karpinski describe the highlights of the release, which includes struct layout improvements for decreasing heap allocations, stabiliza… Continue Reading — Julia 1.5 has been released


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