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Linux Release Roundup: Kdenlive, BleachBit & LibreOffice

We roundup a crop of recent Linux releases, including system cleaner BleachBit, open source video editor Kdenlive, and the phenomenally popular LibreOffice. This post, Linux Release Roundup: Kdenlive, BleachBit & LibreOffice is from OMG! Ubuntu!. Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission. Continue Reading — Linux...


Fedora 32: flatpak 2021-f807eb480a>

This is a security update that fixes a sandbox escape where a malicious application can execute code outside the sandbox by controlling the environment of the “flatpak run” command when spawning a sub-sandbox. See the advisory for details: https://gith… Continue Reading — Fedora 32: flatpak...


[$] Resource limits in user namespaces

User namespaces provide a number of interesting challenges for the kernel. They give a user the illusion of owning the system, but must still operate within the restrictions that apply outside of the namespace. Resource limits represent one ty… Continue Reading — [$] Resource limits...


GNU Radio released

Version of the GNU Radio software-defined radio system has been released. “All in all, the main breaking change for pure GRC users will consist in a few changed blocks – an incredible feat, considering the amount of shift under the hood.” Continue Reading —...


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