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Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics now available in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Middle East (Bahrain), Africa (Cape Town) and Europe (Milan) Regions

CloudWatch Synthetics allows you to monitor your REST APIs, URLs, and website content every minute, 24×7, and alerts you when your application endpoints don’t behave as expected. CloudWatch Synthetics enables you to continually verify your customer experience even when there is no customer traffic on your...


Holdgraf: Announcing the new Jupyter Book

On the Jupyter blog, Chris Holdgraf announces a rewrite of the Jupyter Book project. LWN looked at Jupyter and its interactive notebooks for Python and other languages back in 2018; Jupyter Book extends the notebook idea. “Jupyter Book is an open source project for building beautiful,...


Walleij: How the ARM32 Linux kernel decompresses

For those who are into the details: here is a step-by-step guide through the process of decompressing an Arm kernel and getting ready to boot from Linus Walleij. “Next the decompression code sets up a page table, if it is possible to fit one ov… ...


QEMU 5.1.0 released

Version 5.1.0 of the QEMU processor emulator is out. “This release contains 2500+ commits from 235 authors.” Enhancements consist mostly of additional hardware emulation, of course, but it doesn’t stop there; see the changelog for lots of deta… Continue Reading — QEMU 5.1.0 released


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