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Bash Scripting – Redirecting output in scripts

You can use the STDOUT and STDERR file descriptors in your scripts to produce output in multiple locations simply by redirecting the appropriate file descriptors. There are two methods for redirecting output in the script: Temporarily redirecting each line Permanently redirecting all commands in the script...


Bash Scripting – Controlling the Loop

You might be tempted to think that after you start a loop, you’re stuck until the loop finishes all its iterations. This is not true. A couple of commands help us control what happens inside of a loop: The break command The continue command Each command...


Bash Scripting – Looping on File Contents

Often, you must iterate through items stored inside a file. This requires combining two of the techniques covered: Using nested loops Changing the IFS environment variable By changing the IFS environment variable, you can force the for command to handle each line in the file as...


Bash Scripting – the until command

The until command works in exactly the opposite way from the while command. The until command requires that you specify a test command that normally produces a nonzero exit status. As long as the exit status of the test command is non-zero, the bash shell executes...


Bash Scripting – the for command

Iterating through a series of commands is a common programming practice. Often, you need to repeat a set of commands until a specific condition has been met, such as processing all the files in a directory, all the users on a system, or all the lines...

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