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Kernel prepatch 5.9-rc1

Linux has released the 5.9-rc1 kernel prepatch and closed the merge window for this development cycle. “This merge window felt a lot more normal than 5.8, and all the stats confirm that it seems to be the usual size.” In the end, 12,866 non-mer… Continue...


Fedora 31: firefox 2020-449743fcc1>

– VA-API under Wayland should work as expected now, added fix for mozbz#1656436. —- – Fixed VA-API video playback (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1645671) —- – New upstream update – 79.0 Continue Reading — Fedora 31: firefox 2020-449743fcc1>


[$] PHP Debugging using Xdebug

While PHP does not come with built-in debugging or profiling, an open-source project has existed almost as long as PHP to provide that functionality: Xdebug. Created and maintained by PHP core developer Derick Rethans, it offers remote debugging… Continue Reading — [$] PHP Debugging using...


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