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Announcing the AWS Controllers for Kubernetes Preview

The AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) is a new tool that lets you define and use AWS service resources directly from Kubernetes. With ACK, you can take advantage of AWS managed services for your Kubernetes applications without needing to define reso… Continue Reading — Announcing...


Amazon SES now enables customers to bulk import and bulk delete email addresses from the account-level suppression list

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) customers can now add or remove email addresses in bulk from their account-level suppression list. The account-level suppression list prevents you from sending email to addresses that previously produced a bounc… Continue Reading — Amazon SES now enables customers...


Walleij: How the ARM32 kernel starts

Linus Walleij continues his exploration of the boot process for the 32-bit Arm kernel. “BAM! The MMU is on. The next instruction (which is incidentally an instruction cache flush) will be executed from virtual memory. We don’t notice anything at first, but we are executing in...


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