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[$] 5.9 Merge window, part 2

By the time Linus Torvalds released 5.9-rc1 and closed the merge window for this cycle, 12,866 non-merge changesets had been pulled into the mainline repository. Nearly 9,000 of those came in after the first 5.9 merge-window summary was written… Continue Reading — [$] 5.9 Merge...


Kdenlive 20.08 released

Version 20.08 of the Kdenlive video editor is available. “Kdenlive 20.08 is out with nifty features like Interface Layouts, Multiple Audio Stream support, Cached data management and Zoombars in the Clip Monitor and Effects Panel but one may arg… Continue Reading — Kdenlive 20.08 released


10 Years of OpenStack – Fu Qiao at China Mobile

Storytelling is one of the most powerful means to influence, teach, and inspire the people around us. To celebrate OpenStack’s 10th anniversary, we are spotlighting stories from the individuals in various roles from the community who have helped to make OpenStack and the global Open Infrastructure...


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