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AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter adds CloudWatch graphs for monitoring and simplifies remediation with contextual runbooks

With this update, you can now view Amazon CloudWatch graphs to monitor the health and performance of your AWS resources from OpsCenter, a feature of Systems Manager, without navigating across multiple consoles. OpsCenter enables you to view, investigat… Continue Reading — AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter...


AWS Site-to-Site VPN now supports additional encryption, integrity and key exchange algorithms

You can now use additional encryption, integrity, and key exchange algorithms for your VPN connections. These advanced algorithms provide higher security to protect your data, higher performance for faster transfer rates, and help meet compliance requi… Continue Reading — AWS Site-to-Site VPN now supports additional...


6 new training courses for Amazon Connect

We are pleased to announce the launch of six free new digital courses to help developers quickly ramp up contact centers using Amazon Connect. These advanced on-demand courses are designed for developers and technical professionals at customer and AWS … Continue Reading — 6 new...


Amplify Flutter now available as Developer Preview

The open source Amplify Framework, a suite of libraries and tools for mobile and front-end web developers, now offers support for Flutter developers. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google for developing applications for Android and iOS from a single codebase. Today’s...


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