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[$] Installing Debian on modern hardware

It is an unfortunate fact of life that non-free firmware blobs are required to use some hardware, such as network devices (WiFi in particular), audio peripherals, and video cards. Beyond that, those blobs may even be required in order to instal… Continue Reading — [$]...


The Debian tech committee allows Kubernetes vendoring

Back in October, LWN looked at a conversation within the Debian project regarding whether it was permissible to ship Kubernetes bundled with some 200 dependencies. The Debian technical committee has finally come to a conclusion on this matter: … Continue Reading — The Debian tech...


Banon: License changes to Elasticsearch and Kibana

Shay Banon first announced that Elastic would move its Apache 2.0-licensed source code in Elasticsearch and Kibana to be dual licensed under Server Side Public License (SSPL) and the Elastic License. “To be clear, our distributions starting with 7.11 will be provided only under the Elastic...


DPUs, K8s, ML & Ops: The future of compute

The datacenter is evolving. DPUs are fast becoming the third pillar of enterprise computing in addition to the CPU and GPU. At the same time, the increasing complexity in enterprise software has led to the rise of new tools like Kubernetes and Operator… Continue Reading...


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