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Resource Groups Tagging API launches ResourceARNList parameter for the GetResources operation

The GetResources operation of the Resource Groups Tagging API helps you return all the tagged or previously tagged resources located in the specified region in an AWS account. The GetResources operation now supports the ResourceARNList parameter.&… Continue Reading — Resource Groups Tagging API launches ResourceARNList parameter...


Corellium: How we ported Linux to the M1

The Corellium blog is carrying a description of how the Linux port to the Apple M1 processor was done. “Many components of the M1 are shared with Apple mobile SoCs, which gave us a good running start. But when writing Linux drivers, it became v… ...


Amazon RDS for MariaDB now supports version 10.5.8

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for MariaDB now supports MariaDB version 10.5.8 in all AWS regions. This release includes fixes to bugs in MariaDB 10.5.7 affecting point-in-time restore, data replication, and tables with triggers that c… Continue Reading — Amazon RDS for MariaDB now...


[$] Avoiding blocking file-name lookups

As a general rule, when one attempts to open a file with a system call like openat2(), the expectation is that the call will not return until the job is done. But there are times where the desire to open the file is conditional on being...


Accessing the Public Cloud Update Infrastructure via a Proxy

SUSE provides public cloud customers with PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) images on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Instances created from these images connect to a managed update infrastructure. So if you need to update your instances with the latest software updates or install that needed package using zypper, usually you...


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