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Here’s What’s .NEXT for Nutanix and SUSE

Let’s start by stating the obvious. At SUSE, we’re passionate about advancing open source technology to provide better customer outcomes. While that ethos is at the core of SUSE’s business, the truth is that many of our partners embrace that same passion, and work with SUSE...


AWS AppSync simplifies GraphQL query prototyping in the AWS Console with GraphiQL Explorer and Cognito integration improvements

Today we are making it easier to create, prototype and test GraphQL queries directly in the AWS AppSync GraphQL Console. Continue Reading — AWS AppSync simplifies GraphQL query prototyping in the AWS Console with GraphiQL Explorer and Cognito integration improvements


Meetings readiness checker APIs help developers ensure that end-users can join Amazon Chime SDK meetings from their devices

Starting today, developers using the Amazon Chime SDK can help their application end-users test their device before they try to join a meeting. New meeting readiness checker APIs in the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript can help verify access to audio an… Continue Reading —...


FSF: Free Software Award nominations sought

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced that nominations are open, until October 28, for the Free Software Awards. Winners will be announced at the annual LibrePlanet conference. “You might know of a contributor or organization who has … Continue Reading — FSF: Free Software...


Amazon Lightsail now offers new OS blueprints

Amazon Lightsail now offers a variety of new OS-only instance blueprints, including Amazon Linux 2, Ubuntu 20, Windows Server 2019, and Debian 10. Lightsail provides a curated selection of blueprints that specify the operating system and software that … Continue Reading — Amazon Lightsail now...


Linux from Scratch version 10.0 released

On September 1, the Linux From Scratch (LFS) project announced the release of version 10.0 of LFS along with Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS). LFS is “a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own customized… Continue Reading — Linux from Scratch...


Debian LTS: DLA-2278-3: squid3 regression update>

The update of squid3 released as DLA-2278-2 introduced a regression due to the updated fix for CVE-2019-12529. The new Kerberos authentication code prevented base64 token negotiation. Updated squid3 packages are now Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-2278-3: squid3 regression update>


Amazon Aurora Supports PostgreSQL 11.8, 10.13 and 9.6.18

Following the announcement of updates to the PostgreSQL database by the open source community, we have updated Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility to support PostgreSQL version 11.8, 10.13 and 9.6.18 in all regions. This release contains bug fi… Continue Reading — Amazon Aurora Supports PostgreSQL...


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