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Amazon Aurora supports PostgreSQL 11.8, 10.13 and 9.6.16

Following the announcement of updates to the PostgreSQL database by the open source community, we have updated Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility to support PostgreSQL version 11.8, 10.13 and 9.6.16 in all regions. This release contains bug fi… Continue Reading — Amazon Aurora supports PostgreSQL...


AWS Step Functions increases payload size to 256KB

AWS Step Functions now supports payload sizes up to 256KB. Previously, the limit was 32,768 characters. Now, you can pass larger payloads in your standard and express workflows, allowing Step Functions to seamlessly coordinate multiple services like AW… Continue Reading — AWS Step Functions increases...


AWS Elemental MediaLive adds AVC UHD outputs

AWS Elemental MediaLive now supports Advanced Video Coding (AVC) for ultra-high definition (UHD) outputs. This allows you to incorporate an AVC UHD output in your adaptive bitrate (ABR) stacks for live channels; for example, you can create an ABR stack… Continue Reading — AWS Elemental...


Amazon WorkSpaces introduces Microsoft Office Professional bundle for Bring Your Own Windows License WorkSpaces

You can now subscribe to Microsoft Office Professional from AWS on Bring Your Own Windows License (BYOL) WorkSpaces. The new offering makes it easier for customers to use the Office suite of applications on Amazon WorkSpaces.  Continue Reading — Amazon WorkSpaces introduces Microsoft Office Professional...


Bottomley: Lessons from the GNOME Patent Troll Incident

James Bottomley got a copy of the patent-suit settlement between the GNOME Foundation and Leigh Rothschild and has posted an analysis. “Although the agreement achieves its aim, to rid all of Open Source of the Rothschild menace, it also contain… Continue Reading — Bottomley: Lessons...


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