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Caching-Only DNS server

The setup of a name caching-only server is a little different from what you have done already. The first thing we mentioned before starting any configuration is that you back up the original /etc/named.conf file (RHEL6 only). This original /etc/named.conf file is actually a sample named.conf...


Just enough git for Puppet automation – Part1

All Posts in this Series Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part1 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part2 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part3 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part4 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part5 Just...


Part 3 – Mastering Grep – Usage Examples

Here is an example command that invokes GNU `grep’: grep -i ‘hello.*world’ menu.h main.c This lists all lines in the files `menu.h’ and `main.c’ that contain the string `hello’ followed by the string `world’; this is because `.*’ matches zero or more characters within a line....


IPMP Configuration – Solaris 10 vs Solaris 11

The Oracle Solaris 11 IP Multipathing (IPMP) feature has a new conceptual model. The IP interfaces are now grouped into a “virtual” group IP interface (e.g. ipmp0) that serves all your data IP addresses while any test addresses (probe-based failure detection) are assigned to the underlaying...


Troubleshooting NFS Configuration in Linux

There are three management commands that help with troubleshooting NFS from both the server and client sides: mountstats          Shows information about mounted NFS shares nfsstat                  Shows statistics of exported resources nfsiostat              Shows statistics of NFS mounted shares First, let’s look at which resources are exported. For...

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