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Amazon RDS for SQL Server Now Supports More Time Zones

Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports more time zones including South Africa Standard Time, Sri Lanka Standard Time, and UTC+13. This feature enables our customers to match their DB instance time zone to their chosen time zone. Continue Reading — Amazon RDS for SQL...


Amazon Pinpoint is now available in three additional regions

Amazon Pinpoint is now available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (London), and Canada (Central) regions. With Amazon Pinpoint, you can increase customer engagement by sending marketing campaigns and transactional messages across multiple channels: … Continue Reading — Amazon Pinpoint is now available in three...


Amazon VPC Endpoints for Amazon EC2 are now available in three availability zones in South America (Sao Paulo) and Canada (Central), and four availability zones in US West (Oregon)

Amazon EC2 is now available through VPC endpoints in three availability zones in South America (Sao Paulo) and Canada (Central), and four Availability Zones in US West (Oregon), allowing you to access Amazon EC2 from within your Amazon Virtual Private … Continue Reading — Amazon...


Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics now supports enhanced monitoring for Broken Link and GUI Workflow Blueprints

AWS CloudWatch Synthetics makes it easy to proactively monitor critical graphical user interface (GUI) workflows and broken or ‘dead’ links in your web application. Starting today, you can individually debug each step of the GUI workflow and hone in on a specific broken or ‘dead’ link...


[$] OpenPGP in Rust: the Sequoia project

In 2018, three former GnuPG developers began work on Sequoia, a new implementation of OpenPGP in Rust. OpenPGP is an open standard for data encryption, often used for secure email; GnuPG is an implementation of that standard. The GPLv2… Continue Reading — [$] OpenPGP in...


Ceph and SUSE making the first step toward Windows

Ceph is a highly-resilient software-defined-storage offering which has only been available to Microsoft Windows environments through the use of iSCSI or CIFS gateways. In order to bring the benefits of native Ceph to Microsoft Windows environments, SUSE partnered with Cloudbase Solutions to port Ceph to the...


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